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All three must work in harmony for localization projects to cost-effectively achieve quality and timely delivery.

We will show you how.

Localization: The Global Pyramid Capstone
MultiLingual magazine, April 2009

Globalization > Internationalization > Localization

Three separate but related task sets must function together seamlessly to achieve efficient and cost-effective international product delivery. Companies frequently underrate the importance of smart planning, drift astray from proven best practices, or fail to understand the chain of dependencies between these three fundamental elements.

LocFlowTech specialists will listen to you describe your goals, or help you define them if you are unsure.

We will:

  • Understand your globalization, internationalization, and localization goals
  • Tailor a solution to your specific situation and budget constraints
  • Deploy and integrate technologies that you select into your organization
  • Advise you on personnel you may wish to hire
  • Help you align your localization organization with overall business goals

The result of our contribution will be efficient processes, higher quality deliverables, improved turnaround times, and lower costs.

LocFlowTech combines the experience and background to chart course correction for senior management with the hands-on knowledge to educate and enable frontline employees to work smarter, faster, and more economically. Whatever your need, we can address it.


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